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Master Classes and Lectures

The Bienen School of Music welcomed Dr. Louise Toppin and Dr. Willis Patterson from the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance for a virtual discussion on Black art songs.

This presentation situates Anne Boleyn's reputed musicality within five centuries of endless fascination with the doomed second wife of Henry VIII.

Discover how arts leaders are navigating concert hall and theater closures, galvanizing as a community to address social injustice, and preparing for a performing arts landscape that will look distinctly different after the pandemic.

Hear how performing artists have remained resilient in the face of concert hall and theater closures, how they have galvanized as a community to address social injustice, and how they are preparing for a landscape that will look distinct

Jesse Rosenberg, associate professor of musicology, discusses opera in the time of lockdown. His lecture explores historical perspectives in the current crisis affecting the field of live opera.

Professor of Jazz Studies Victor Goines argues that everyone is an improviser. In this presentation, “A World of Improvisation,” Goines discusses improvisation in the context of music and our everyday lives.

Music education faculty and doctoral fellows from the Bienen School of Music share creative strategies for online teaching and music making.

Bienen School of Music faculty members Stephen Alltop and Joachim Schamberger discuss the extraordinary challenge and opportunity of creating an entirely remote recording and filming of Monteverdi’s Orfeo.