Audition & Program Requirements

Master of Music: Percussion

Prescreening required. 

Audition unaccompanied.

For Prescreening and Final Audition:

Both prescreening and final audition will ideally include selections for: snare drum, timpani, keyboard percussion, and tambourine, and MUST include both solo repertoire AND orchestral excerpts. Sight-reading is required at the final audition.

Snare Drum
•    Two contrasting orchestral excerpts from the standard repertoire
•    One orchestral snare drum étude
•    One rudimental snare drum étude by Pratt or Wilcoxin

•    Two orchestral excerpts from the standard repertoire

•    Two orchestral excerpts from the standard repertoire

NOTE: Listed repertoire is not required; pieces of similar difficulty will be accepted.

  • One 4-mallet piece in contemporary style

Suggested 4-mallet pieces:

  • Sueyoshi, Mirage
  • Schwantner, Velocities
  • Stout,  Sedimental Structures
  • Thomas, Merlin (2nd movement)
  • Lansky, Three Moves (3rd movement: Slide)
  • Miyoshi, Ripple

•    One orchestral excerpt from the standard repertoire

Other Degrees

Bachelor of Music: Percussion