Communication and Branding Resources

Bienen School Lockup

In order to project a consistent message to our audiences, Northwestern University introduced new brand guidelines in 2015. One aspect of the brand is the Bienen School’s “lockup,” or logo, which you should use in any new materials being produced. We have two configurations – vertical and horizontal – depending on the specifics needs of your project. Use any of the following approved lockups, which are available for download in black or white with a transparent background: 

If you need the lockup in a different format, or if you have questions about how and where to use the lockup, please contact Katelyn.

Northwestern Purple

The official Northwestern Purple is identified in several formats below:

CMYK (82, 98, 00, 12)
RGB (078, 042, 121)
Hex #4E2A79
PMS 268

Other shades and tones of this purple are also acceptable. Learn more about Northwestern Purple.

Presentation Tools

A variety of Northwestern University-approved PowerPoint templates are available for your use. These are available to download online. If you would like access to custom templates with Bienen School branding, please contact Katelyn