Inna Naroditskaya

Professor, Musicology

Inna Naroditskaya

PhD, University of Michigan

Inna Naroditskaya is a specialist in Azerbaijanian and Eastern music cultures, Russian music, gender studies, and diasporas. She has published articles and reviews in Ethnomusicology and Asian Music as well as essays and articles in Azerbaijanian and Russian publications. She has authored two books: Song from the Land of Fire: Azerbaijanian Mugam in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Periods (Routledge, 2003) and Bewitching Russian Opera: The Tsarina from State to Stage (Oxford University Press, 2011). She was editor of Music and the Sirens (Indiana University Press, 2006) and co-editor of Manifold Identities: Studies on Music and Minorities (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2004). Naroditskaya is the recipient of the Center for the Education of Women prize, a Rackham research grant, the Harvard University Davis Senior Fellowship, a Rockefeller Bellagio Scholarly Residency, and funding from the International Institute and School of Music at the University of Michigan. She is also the producer of numerous radio programs.


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Bewitching Russian Opera: The Tsarina from State to Stage by Inna Naroditskaya (review) (Taruskin, Richard. Notes. 01/2014; 70(3):423-426)

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