Lessons and Classes

Pre-Piano (ages 5 or 6, preschool or kindergarten; fall quarter start only) - FULL

Pre-piano is an excellent way to introduce children to the fun of music while learning about the unique qualities of the piano. Childrens’ natural curiosity about music is stimulated through various activities that include singing, moving, listening, and playing simple rhythm instruments. Alphabet skills and familiarity with numbers are strengthened through activities related to music reading and symbol recognition.

The piano is the center of many class activities, with an emphasis placed on developing basic awareness of keyboard topography. Students learn to play a number of simple folk tunes by rote, and will often be accompanied by teacher duets. After completing this course, students will be ready to progress to more formal instruction in the Academy's Piano Division. Research studies prove that parental involvement in a young child's musical development is important. A parent accompanies their child to pre-piano classes and assists with practice at home. Interested parents are invited to observe pre-piano classes during the academic year.

  • Classes meet once a week for 45-minutes during the entire academic year (3 quarters). Students must enroll for three quarters.
  • Tuition: $335/11 week quarter (billed once a quarter)
  • Dates and Times:
    • Mondays, 6:45 p.m.
  • Location: Ryan Center for the Musical Arts, 70 Arts Circle, room 1-160
  • Instructor: Pat Heineman-Vernon
  • Students who apply are contacted to schedule a readiness-placement interview during the summer
  • Application form

Private Piano Lessons

Beginning and transfer students enroll in weekly private lessons with monthly small group instruction. There are no private lessons during group lesson weeks. Private lessons emphasize repertoire, technique, and musicianship skills. Creative and critical thinking skills are nurtured in lessons designed to encourage independence. Small group lessons provide further instruction in music theory, history, sight-playing and performance skills. Students should have an acoustic piano or a full-size touch-sensitive keyboard for practice.

  • Tuition: Varies with lesson length; contact Music Academy
  • Location: 1818 Hinman Ave.
  • Instructor: Various
  • Structure: 30-minute lesson (beginners), 45-minute lesson (intermediate), 60-minute lesson (advanced)
  • Dates and times: TBA
  • Call to schedule a placement interview
  • Application form
  • Piano policies
  • Contact: Music Academy

Adult Piano

Casual piano classes are offered for adults at the beginning and early-intermediate levels. Students learn to read music and play basic chords from methods designed especially for mature learners. Advanced students may take private lessons when openings are available.

Beginning classes

Learn to play piano in inexpensive small-group lessons with methods designed for mature learners. Students need a piano or keyboard at home for practice.

  • Tuition: $335/11 weeks (45-minute lessons)
  • Time:
    • Saturday 10:45 a.m. New Beginner class starting Sept. 19th
    • Wednesday 7:00 p.m. New Beginner class starting in January
    • Email musicacademy@northwestern.edu for more information
  • Location: Ryan Center for the Musical Arts, 70 Arts Circle, room 4-138
  • Instructor: Yeeseon Kwon

Intermediate classes

Brush up on your skills and get together with other adults interested in music. Great class for empty-nesters.

  • Tuition: $335/11 weeks (45-minute lessons)
  • Time: Classes start September 22, or the first week of each new quarter
    • Friday, TBD a.m. Continuing Intermediate
    • Friday, 3:30 p.m. Continuing Intermediate
    • Friday, 4:30 p.m. Advanced
  • Most continuing sections are open to new students. Send email to musicacademy@northwestern.edu
  • Location:Ryan Center for the Musical Arts, 70 Arts Circle, room 4-138
  • Instructors: Debbie Masloski & Annie Hsiao