Opportunities for Nonmajors FAQ

Are auditions required for lessons? Yes. Auditions are held the first week of classes in the fall quarter. Sign-up sheets for audition times will be posted. Additional Audition Information

What is required for the audition? Auditions are five minutes in length. See Additional Audition Information regarding material to prepare for your audition.

What about guitar lessons or Beginning Class Guitar? If you can read music or have any experience playing guitar, you should audition for private lessons. Otherwise, contact the program coordinator regarding Class Guitar. All guitar students must have a classical (acoustic) nylon-stringed guitar.

What about fees? An additional fee is charged to your student account for lessons, Class Guitar, and Class Voice. Enrollment fees are listed here.

How do I get into an ensemble? Contact the ensemble director regarding auditions and placement. Additional Performing Ensembles Information

Do I need to register for lessons and ensembles? Yes, students must register by the add deadline, even if the class is taken for 0 credit. To register for a class, lesson, or ensemble after the first week of classes, go to room 226 of Regenstein Hall; a fee will be charged for courses added late.

My permission number didn’t work. Now what? Contact the program coordinator for another permission number before the add deadline. Permission numbers may be used only once. After the add deadline, bring your permission number to RCMA 2-115 for late-add approval. A fee will be charged for each course added late. 

May I take lessons for 0 credit? Only voice lessons, voice class, and Vocal Performance Seminar may be taken for 0 credit. To register for 0 credit, bring your permission number to RCMA 2-115 for late-add approval.

May I use practice rooms? Nonmajor students registered for a music course or lessons may practice in Regenstein Hall. Practice facilities in RCMA are restricted to music majors only.

How do I get into Regenstein? Once you are registered for music lessons or classes, have your WildCARD activated in RCMA 2-000.

More questions? 

Academic courses for nonmajors:

Scott D. Paulin, s-paulin@northwestern.edu, 847-491-3909

Instrumental and vocal programs: 
Keven Keys, music-nonmajors@northwestern.edu, 847-467-3962

Piano program credit lessons:
Karen Kan-Walsh, k-kan@northwestern.edu, 847-491-3886

Piano program noncredit instruction:
Marcia Bosits, m-bosits@northwestern.edu, 847-491-5735