Nonmajor Lessons for Credit

Music Lessons for Credit

Music lessons are available for credit to nonmusic majors. New students interested in lessons for credit should attend the information meeting during Wildcat Welcome week. Returning students with questions regarding lessons may call or e-mail the appropriate program coordinator. All students interested in lessons must sign up for an audition. Variable fees apply to each course and are specified under the course listing.

NOTE: Please make sure you read audition information regarding these classes.

Private and Class Lessons

Piano and Organ (GEN MUS 115, 116) Weekly attendance at lessons, at least one to two hours of daily practice, and a final performance jury at the end of the quarter are required. Piano students receive eight 45-minute lessons per quarter; organ students receive eight 30-minute lessons per quarter.

Instrumental (GEN MUS 120, 125, 130) Students receive eight 30-minute lessons per quarter.

Private Voice (GEN MUS 160, 260, 360) Students in 160 receive eight 30-minute lessons per quarter; those in 260 and 360 receive ten 30-minute lessons per quarter.

Class Voice (GEN MUS 133) Because of space limitations, not everyone who auditions can be scheduled for private lessons. Voice students not selected for private lessons are assigned to 133 Class Voice. Students in this class receive nine weekly group lessons as well as three private lessons per quarter.


All private lessons and Class Voice lessons are offered for variable credit (0–.5). Students accepted for private study or Class Voice will be given a permission number; no lessons will be given until you are registered. For registration assistance, see page 2, Frequently Asked Questions, “May I take lessons for credit?” Quarterly registration fees will be billed to the student’s account. To register after the first week of classes, go to Ryan Center 2-115 for late-registration approval; a fee will be charged for courses added late.

GEN MUS 115 Nonmajor Piano and Organ (.5 credit), $305

  • Section 21 Kan-Walsh (piano)
  • Section 22 Kemper (organ)

GEN MUS 116 Nonmajor Piano (0 credit), $305

  • Section 20 Bosits

GEN MUS 120 Nonmajor Strings (0 - .5 credit), $305

  • Section 21 Keys (violin)
  • Section 22 Keys (viola)
  • Section 23 Keys (cello)
  • Section 24 Keys (string bass)
  • Section 26 Keys (guitar)

GEN MUS 121 Nonmajor Class Guitar, Beginning (.5 credit), $280

  • Section 20 (meets twice weekly) Keys

GEN MUS 125 Nonmajor Winds and Percussion (0 - .5 credit), $305

  • Section 21 Keys (trumpet)
  • Section 22 Keys (horn)
  • Section 23 Keys (euphonium)
  • Section 24 Keys (trombone)
  • Section 25 Keys (tuba)
  • Section 26 Keys (flute)
  • Section 27 Keys (oboe)
  • Section 28 Keys (clarinet)
  • Section 29 Keys (saxophone)
  • Section 30 Keys (bassoon)
  • Section 31 Keys (percussion)

GEN MUS 130 Nonmajor Jazz (0 - .5 credit), $305

  • Section 20 Keys

GEN MUS 133 Nonmajor Class Voice, Beginning (0–.5 credit), $280

  • Section 20 Lyashenko/Keys
GEN MUS 160 Nonmajor Private Voice, Beginning (0–.5 credit), $305
  • Section 20 Keys
GEN MUS 260 Nonmajor Private Voice, Intermediate (0–.5 credit), $440
  • Section 20 Keys
  • Section 21 Keys

GEN MUS 360 Nonmajor Private Voice, Advanced (0–.5 credit), $440

  • Section 20 Keys


Instrumental and vocal programs: 
Keven Keys,, 847-467-3962

Piano program credit lessons:
Karen Kan-Walsh,, 847-491-3886

Piano program noncredit instruction:
Marcia Bosits,, 847-491-5735