Auditions are held during the first week of classes fall quarter. Sign-up sheets, indicating times and locations, will be posted during Wildcat Welcome at the locations listed below. Space may be limited, so please sign up early. After fall quarter, vocal auditions are held during reading week for lessons the following quarter. Piano and instrumental auditions are held early in subsequent quarters, depending on availability.

Piano: Room 2-000, RCMA

Voice: Email 

Instrumental: Email 

Auditions will be approximately five minutes in length. Students auditioning should prepare material as follows:


Any recently studied advanced-level piece from the standard repertoire (Beethoven sonatas, works by Chopin, etc.). Memorization is not required. Bring a list of repertoire studied during the past several years. In addition, you will be asked to play a piano solo at sight.


A classical or musical theater work. Accompanists will be provided; bring the work’s piano part to your audition.


An étude or solo demonstrating playing abilities.


Acceptance for lessons will be based on audition results and instructor availability. Following the auditions, all students who auditioned will receive an email regarding acceptance into the program. For those accepted, the email will include registration information and a permission number. If accepted for private piano or organ, you must be registered on CAESAR by 1 p.m. the next day after your audition. If accepted for Class Voice, Private Voice, Class Guitar, or private instrumental lessons, you must be registered on CAESAR by 1 p.m. the next day after you receive the email with registration information.


Instrumental and vocal programs: 
Keven Keys,, 847-467-3962

Piano program credit lessons:
Karen Kan-Walsh,, 847-491-3886

Piano program noncredit instruction:
Marcia Bosits,, 847-491-5735